Cause Celeb: Connie Nielsen takes action in Kenya

Gayle Jo Carter, USA WEEKEND11:31 a.m. EDT April 4, 2014

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A town in Nairobi, Kenya gets the support of The Following actress Connie Nielsen who's working for access to clean water.

What: Human Needs Project, which provides clean water, energy and technology to slums worldwide. They're finalizing their first project, Town Center, inKibera, one of Africa's largest slums, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why: After meeting residents of Kibera while shooting a movie, Nielsen was moved to take action.

"They have no access to (the) means to change their lives," she says. "The daily weight of just having to get water, go to the bathroom, take a shower is so enormous, so difficult that they cannot get (beyond) pursuing their basic needs. There are a billion people living like this."


New York Times Jan 2014

The Big Profile: Connie Nielsen

By Jessica Gross

Connie Nielsen’s first acting gig was doing sketch comedy with her mother in her hometown in Denmark. “I was just absolutely petrified every night I went out on that stage,” she said, but she kept at it. “I’m very resilient, and I’m also super-stubborn.” The fear eventually subsided, and Nielsen now stars in “The Following” on Fox. Still, having jitters “inserts a little bit of energy into what you’re doing,” she said. “I don’t want to be absolutely, 100 percent certain of anything.”