Copenhagen Fashion Summit

The Copenhagen Fashion summit is a bi-annual summit held in Copenhagen to bring attention to the need for environmental and human rights improvements to Fashion production around the world. Connie Nielsen is committed to efforts to curb the effects of human industry and settlement on the environment, and is working with the Copenhagen Fashion Summit to create awareness of innovation in production for the long term sustainability of a healthy environment.

The Fashion and Textile industries combined account for a quarter of the world's pollution.

How we work towards sustainable fashion is of pressing concern until pressure is brought on all of fashion to follow the lead of the rest of CSR-minded industry to clean up their act, - and fortunately there are many designers who are mindful of this emergency and are working at the forefront of innovation and change.

And yet, it is important to realize that this is not always easy for small to medium sized enterprises. This is why NICE - Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical, a UN sponsored effort by the Danish and Nordic Fashion Institutes, have created an initiative - 5 Easy Steps - developed in collaboration sustainability specialists around the world, to provide real, practical steps or businesses towards sustainability.

Join us in April 2014 in Copenhagen, and help sustainability by being aware of what you buy, and how it was produced. Your vote counts.